Bombax theme is theme for all. Bundled with so many-many features that every site needs. The magazine-styled theme is professionally designed and best for `review` site or so, nevertheless good for other purposes.
Like all theme by itx, it has these key features:

1. Easy to customize layout.

  • can choose between fixed or fluid layout
  • can set sidebar and content width in px or percentage
  • can choose how many columns to arrange the widget in the widget area
  • can choose what type to show in the front page (traditional, excerpt only, featured & excerpt, featured & line)

2. Easy to customize the header.

  • can choose between text header or image header/logo
  • can set header background image
  • can set how to display the background image alignment and repeats
  • can set the height of the header
  • can set the color and size of the header text

3. Easy to customize the background

  • can set he background image
  • can set the background image attachment (fixed or scroll)
  • can set the background image repeats and alignment
  • can set the background color

4. Supports Featured Image/Post Thumbnail

This is the must have feature of the magazine-style theme. You may set the size of the image.

5. Easy to chose what meta to show.

The meta are: Comment count, date, author, categories, tags, and author info.

6. Supports WordPress Navigation menu feature in WordPress 3

You can easily choose what item to show in the menu.

7. Custom CSS insert via theme options.

It’s a better method of inserting your custom CSS than hard-coding the css files since it won’t be missing/gone when you update this theme.

8. SEO optimized

  • H1 tag for post title.
  • All sidebars come after content.
  • supports Greg’s High Performance SEO plugin.

9. Up to 5 Widget Area

10. 5 Color scheme to choose (Woods, Sea, Forest, Happy Sky, Urban)

Some other features:

  • can opt in to facebook and twitter
  • can show/hide RSS icon
  • can set favicon
  • can enable/disable hover efect
  • can show/hide allowed tags text.
  • can show/hide post comments RSS Link
  • can show/hide post TrackBack Link

and also basic must have features:

  • Threaded comments
  • automatic feed link


- WordPress 2.8+ required. 2.9+ preferred. 3.0+ very preferred


- Adding custom CSS insert via theme option.
- Allowing to select different style of archive page than the home page.
- Custom background using WordPress 3 core functions, while maintaining support for previous version.
- Custom header using WordPress core function.
- Switching some heading tags for better SEO.
- Allowing disabling/enabling hover effect via theme options.
- Adding minimum and maximum width in fluid layout.
- Replacing get_template() with get_stylesheet() in behalf of child themes.
- Improving sticky posts behavior: sticky posts will only appear once in front page.
- Fixing Attachment page display error.
- Some CSS enhancement.
- Some code rearrangement.

- fix IE6 visual bug in fixed width layout.

- Removing timthumb script.

- Adding supports to Greg’s High Performance SEO Plugin.
- Adding special meta in traditional display so they can be different from single post meta.
- Adding easy hide/show “allowed tags”, “post trackback link” and “post comment feed link”.
- Updating timthumb to ver 1.14.

Incoming search terms:

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  • David says:

    The latest 1.3 version is a great refresh, the site seems that much more polished compared to 1.2 but it would be great to make it easier to add some custom meta tags in the “theme options for bombax” appearance settings.

  • JOSE says:

    I uploaded you Bambay theme to WP
    and like very much, so many great
    things, I would be writing a long time..

    Thanks ! Have a great DAY !

  • Artur says:

    I found very annoying bug in both 1.2 and 1.3 – I can’t save “Pages to show in header section” and “Categories to show in navigation bar.” settings when changed.

    It makes imposible to set an order of pages and categories at the menu.

    Theme looks great – and I really would like to use it – but can’t ignore such bug

    Best Regards

  • xiaoyu says:

    I am new using your the bombax theme, it is seem good. I have an question,when I choose don’t show Top Navigation in Menu setting. but it is still show page top menu when I creat new page.

    I have upgrade to WP3.1. Have you plan update theme? So I like the theme.

  • matur nuwun sanget themenya saya pakai ya mas :)

  • Jivko says:

    I like the theme, however I can’t see the photos on my Home page and the sign in the header is kind of shadowy, where I can ask for some help please? Thank you in advance.

  • kliksehat says:

    nice theme 4 online shop

  • Jerry says:


    Really enjoy the look of your theme,thanks!

    Couple of questions though (I’m a newbie, sorry)

    When I finish writing a sentence and want to leave some white space before starting my next
    sentence/paragraph, I just press ‘enter’. When I update my page, there is no space left
    between the sentences anymore?

    Also, when trying to make some changes in HTML, every time I scroll down, within a couple of seconds
    it will automatically scroll right to the top again??

    Is that a hitch with your theme or something else?

    I work on a couple of other WP sites I have and I don’t have those problems.


  • asbesto says:

    Hi, just using your bombax theme! :) I love it :)

    But I found a problem, when the dropdown menu at top-right become too long and overlap the colored line under the main graphics image, the relative menu’ section become unclickable. You can try this bug at trying to click on “ productions” at top-right, and trying to click “curriculum vitae” in the dropdown menu. Any help ? Thank you and greetings from Sicilia! :)

  • mudassir says:


    how can i remove bombax link from the footer?

    • Alexandra says:

      Unfortunately, due to the lack of support/response of the deoelvper and also due to the manner in which the css/functions have been coded, even simple manipulation of the theme was simply too obfuscating / time consuming. As a result, and with much regret, I’ve abandoned this theme, despite the truly good art/layout.

  • bowo says:

    izin sedot dan coba bozz :D

  • izjn pakai bos theme nya ya

  • Wandi thok says:

    Saya dulu pernah makai theme ini mas, sayang karena kolom komengnya waktu direply nggak keliatan padahal saya nggak/belum bisa memodif agar keliatan, akhirnya ganti theme lain, padahal saya tertarik sekali dengan theme ini. Bisa nggak mas memberi cara untuk memodif agar warna begron kolom komeng dengan tulisannya bisa terbaca?

  • Ali says:

    I am using bombax theme for my website I edited front page unfortunately it came the following error.and i could not login the website too. how I correct this problem.the following are the error text.

    pageParse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<' in /home/alibbe200/ on line 7

  • Hay, i am trying to upload this bombax theme to my site and receiving errors. At any cost i want this theme to be uploaded to my site..please share me few steps on how to upload and am also a newbie..with wordpress.

  • nello says:

    Salve io ho installato questo tema,ma come puoi vedere dal mio sito ho il menu “Primary Navigation” che mi si estende in larghezza su tutto lo schermo.Io vorrei diminuire la larghezza ma non lo trovo nell’editor html come posso fare?
    Grazie e complimenti è un tema molto completo!

  • nello says:

    Hi I have installed this theme, but as you can see from my site I have the menu “Primary Navigation” I will
    extends across the entire width schermo.Io I would decrease the width
    html editor, but I can not find how can I do?
    Thank you and congratulations is a very complete

  • I have recently installed the Bombax theme. I want to put the ad in single.php How to ad an 250 x 250 size ad in a single post. Please you kindly provide the information

  • Aslan says:

    I like this theme very much. But I found that I clicked the home page once and it would be accessed three times actually, then it make to spend more seconds to display the pages.
    Can you change into click once & access once?

    • aslan says:

      The following sentences in header.php make the home page access more times.

  • Marius says:

    Congratulations on a great theme – well done!
    I have the “Categories” as one of my menus, but it has no effect. You can click on any menu item, and it does not filter the posts on that category. Can you please let me know what is wrong?

  • Prado says:

    как восстановить файл functions.php ?

  • How a great theme this is (i.e. bombax)!!! I’ve tried other best theme in my blog but after many failures I come back to use this theme. Many thanks for this great work and I’m waiting if there are any updates.
    This is my site htpp://

  • OriAxis says:

    Looks perfect for my online shop.
    Great theme! I love it! ;)

  • bhagas says:

    link downloadnya dimana ya Om, pengen coba nie

    • itx says:

      masuk ke dashboardmu. lalu menuju Appearance > Themes > Install Theme. pada kolom search isikan bombax

  • The Toymaker says:

    I must give credit where credit is due! I love the Bombax Theme and everything I can do with it. I am very new to WordPress and was so happy to find such a flexible and easy to use theme. Thank you!

    • Dany says:

      section theme options, page/post themanbilur, Google Analytics and customizable menu bar. Theme URL Demo Download GenM 31 This is a 2 columns multicolor general theme that comes with multiple

  • Robin says:

    I have an issue here when I change the permalink settings to custom.

    …only here, because I have another site where all this is not an issue. When I change it to custom as mentioned above, all page links go to the 404 link not found.

    in the permalink section i get this message about the .htaccess file:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /
    RewriteRule ^index\.php$ – [L]
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

    can someone tell me why this is…as I said, that is only in this installation..I did not install this WP…when I set it back to normal i.e.not I have it now on the site, the links work fine.

    Thanks for any help on this

    • Aakash says:


      You need to add the above lines in your .htaccess file.

      RewriteEngine On
      RewriteBase /
      RewriteRule ^index\.php$ – [L]
      RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
      RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
      RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

      I use the similar configuration on my site and it works fine.

  • yon says:

    Posts Thumbnails/Featured Images not normal show When I setup permalink in php5.2.17 and linux web server.

    if not use permalink,the Thumbnails/Featured Images may show.

    Cuold you tell me how fix it?

  • Leo says:

    Where could I download your theme? Is it free?

  • pakboz says:

    Keren Bos… Ijin Pake…


  • omar says:

    Hello, i am using your template and i find it to be good but i am facing a problem with it. i am not able to had as many top and drop down category as i would want. can you please take a look at it and tell me what to do.

    Thank you

  • The Editor says:

    Thank you so much for making such a versatile theme. I’m new to WordPress and using your template made it that much easier to get up and running. I love it!

  • Peter says:

    Hi, great theme but just one problem. I want to paste my Google Analytics into the header, but there is no theme option for this and when viewing the files with the editor in WP I can’t actually find any tag! I must be missing something, can you help?

  • sikiş says:

    thanks for this.very nice

  • Neta-lee says:

    I have a question…
    How can I put different things on the sidebar for each page??

  • Wayne says:

    I really enjoyed reading some of the post here and have a questions of my own. I would like to purchase the theme that is on Lark Miller’s blog. Have any idea where to get it?


  • ab says:

    It’s not working in wordpress 3.1+ multisite. If its choosen can not access network admin.

  • yasemin says:

    güzel tema seo için ideal emeği geçenler için teşekkür…

  • Neta-lee says:

    How can I put different pictures with links on the sidebar so it will be different in each page?
    And can I put columes inside the pages??


  • I’m trying out various magazine themes & narrowing the field. Bombax is coming out ahead so far. Only thing I haven’t been able to figure out at this point is how to get a thumbnail for videos. Photo thumbnails work brilliantly. I downloaded & activated Video Thumbnails, but perhaps Bombax doesn’t support that Plugin.

    Other than that glitch, my first foray into a magazine-style blog is making me think Bombax is feature rich for those of us with no technical expertise.

  • TimeBD.cOm says:

    I think it is so good………..

  • mehmet says:

    theme that appears on the front page looks at the Advanced category on the left and right columns could you help changing font from the font.

  • bashir says:

    The post images are disapear in my wordpress site using bombax theme what can i do to solve the problem…………?
    plz rply must and fast.

  • kishore says:


    The below lines are coming while I am opening my blog now.

    “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<' in /home/myseofor/public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/bombax/includes/header.php on line 39"

    I am using bombax.

    This happened just before my writing comments here.

    I downloaded the header.php file through FTP and tried to find put the error on line 39. But i couldn't get the "<".

    The mistake was i want to add a code below title section, but i didn't add the code when I saw that it's not taking. But now i am unable to login or open my blog.

    Please help me. Please suggest me because my blog is not coming now and I ll lose my visitors. Please help me.

  • sudji says:

    mas, kok postingannya gak keluar ya? mohon bantuannya, terimkasih. btw, mantap theme nya.

  • When is the next upgrade coming up?

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  • Saliq says:

    can any plzzz tell me how to remove the page navigation bar below the posts in bombax theme (i mean a bar which say Page 1 of 10…1 2 3 4 5 >>)….plz help me out

  • hutbun says:

    thanks for your theme very help me to create my companies website thank you very much….. visit me in ok

  • Elson says:

    Hi – We use Bombax for our organization’s new website, and it looks great. However, we would like to tweak the front page where the posts show; instead of older posts appearing as two columns of smaller boxes, we would like them to show up as slightly smaller-height rows arranged in a single column. How can I do this?

  • Hi,

    I am using Bombax theme, can anybody help me how to make the post box corner rounded like in Albizia theme, How can i change background little transparent (not fully). You can see my blog for better judgement for what i want.

    Looking forward.

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  • anki says:

    hello, begin to like the bombax theme, very nice but a few thing I want to change.

    At start, I want to show swedish date and I also want the time, I got the code but where do I change it? I use Happy Sky.

    And how can I put a code string so I can get subpages as a list in master page? for example, Butterflys is master page, subpage Goldvings, I want a link in Butterflys to Goldvings?

    And what kind of code do I put there?

    confusing with all maps and .php files :-)

    keep up the good work


  • Martin says:

    Can you please tell me How do I change the menu background color ? Thank you

  • yves says:

    I like your Bombax Theme it’s a very good and flexible one.

    I should like to have a vertical dynamique menu to hide sub pages

    Please have you an idea how to do


  • Sufi says:

    hy, this theme is great. but i have a problem. Suppose there are 5 pages in archive, the featured post is showed only the 1st page. but i want to show the featured post will show all 5 pages. how can i do that? pls reply me asap,its urgent :(:(

  • nizaar says:

    howdy master? i found an issue that Bombax uses timthumb.php which has reported need to be patched due to an exploit inside it. but therefor i couldn’t find the *.php mentioned above, can you tell me where is it?

  • lokpal bills says:

    very good theme and flexible width,iam using it see my website ,thank you very much providing this theme,i really loved it,

  • kangozzy says:

    terima kasih theme nya , Bagaimana saya bisa download theme bombax ini?

  • baju bali says:

    very good theme, i like it

  • Mochtar says:

    Salam kenal CIC….Landak,KAL-BAR

  • great template! keep up the good work!

  • mixer roti says:

    mantapz banget theme nya

  • very nice theme i am using it in mt blog

  • Your theme is very beautiful and works perfect for my videoblog.

    I am so happy!

    Thank you very much!!!


  • I love this. Thank you. I can’t wait to be able to try it out.

  • mohammad says:

    im use Bombax Theme designed by itx

    i want to upgrade my themes were can i found upgrade
    or new one for

  • burhan says:

    bang itx,bagaimana agar muncul gambar2nya ketika di tampilan home?? punya saya kog kayaknya tidak tergenerate thumbnailnya gitu ya??…mohon solusi bang…nuhun..

  • Hi. I am using Bombax and would like to know how I can change the font size of the featured articles as well as the font size of the widget on the front page.
    Thanks for your feedback.

  • dny says:

    mo tanya kalo set halaman depan supaya rata kiri kanan (justified) gimana caranya ya? tnx.

  • Hi. Thanks so much for such a great theme. Great for both pros and newbies. The functions aren’t confusing at all like it happens with many ‘pro’ themes. But I too would like to ask: any updates on the cards?

  • Grace says:

    Please, how can I remove Bombax from my Website? How much should I pay? I like the design, but I want to remove the “word Bombax itx”. Thank you for your cooperation

  • Kathryn Lang says:

    I am using Bombax and was trying to change the header when I noticed a warning at the top of the header design page. It said:

    Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback,

    I also noticed that when I try to do a custom header is when it shows.

    Any thoughts?

  • NR says:

    First, thank you very much for the Bombax theme, nice looking and quite flexible.

    But I got a problem when installing the multilingual plugin “Polylang”: the URL went wrong for the second language (English, when default language is French).

    The plugin developer suggested to replace two lines in the bombax/header.php :

    (lines 20 & 21)


    Now it works perfectly. Could you please include those changes in the next version of your theme? Thank you!

  • edilene says:


    estou a usar o template bombax nos meus sites (3), e gostaria de saber como que a gente pode tranformar num agregador de links, tipo,,por exemplo.

    aguardo retorno

  • Nice word press theme, good work…

  • Thanks for this nice theme, by the way how to change background color of widget…? I want to set white background in widgets…!

  • venix says:

    you are crasching my computer next time i wont to linsten yo f ya n will tell everybody abouy ya

  • Thank you for this post, really effective piece of writing.

  • Trainer Tom says:

    Hi, how do I show more than one item listed in the categories list? This seems to be tied to the amount of posts I want to show, but I only want to show 1 post on the blog page, but all listings in the categories? Hope you can help!

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  • Very worthwhile info, lots of thanks for your article.

  • word press ın üzerine bu tema nasıl kurulur seo ile faydalı olurmu?

  • Ken says:

    I cannot get the background nor the menu sections in Bombax to reload with any changes that I make to those two sections. Those pages always time out instead. I deactivated just about evry plugin I had on and still cannot get these pages to reload with the changes I am trying to make. Has anyone else experience this or have a solution?

  • chazayto says:

    How I can change the default link color bombax, I looked in style.css but there is nothing. Can I change it?

  • Kukuh says:

    mas, ini link downloadnya dimana ya?

  • Renuka says:

    I like u r stuff a lot…. U done a very Good job Thank you so much…

  • Rita says:

    I have two websites with Bombax theme from a year ago, but now neither is working properly. Is there any problem?

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  • Hello i am also using the Bombax theme for my website. But there is a problem I can’t able to put the ads between the post can anybody please tell me how to put ads in between posts in Bombax theme

  • Hi i have a website and i like to put add in b/w posts can u please tell me how to put add in b/w posts

  • Jhelum says:

    I love your theme. It has so many options and is very easy to use. I am using it on my website Box Office India but I don’t know why the theme was not available in the wordpress repository.

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  • Fabienne says:

    Nous venons d’installer votre thème et sommes ravies de l’avoir trouvé. Toutefois, nous avons une difficulté concernant les présentations d’articles dans nos différentes pages. Au début, nous pouvions voir des blocs avec chaque article, maintenant un seul article s’affiche. Pouvez-vous m’expliquer comment revenir aux blocs ?
    D’avance merci,

  • Fabienne says:

    Bonjour, j’utilise depuis peu le thème bombax que je trouve magnifique mais je ne comprends pas une chose. Sur ma page de présentation générale, tout apparait sous forme de blocs. Lorsque je cliquais sur mes onglets de catégorie, mes articles s’affichaient également sous forme de blocs, or maintenant il ne s’affiche plus qu’un seul article à chaque fois. Comment faire pour retrouver tous mes articles sous forme de blocs dans chacune de mes catégories.
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